1. Update your account information
  2. We recommend that you periodically review your account information, including your email and password, and make adjustments as needed.

    You can do this by going to “My Profile”

  3. Protect your account
  4. We recommend that you change your password periodically to stay safe online. If you think your account has been compromised or if someone else has access to it, we recommend resetting your password.

    To reset your password, go to “My Profile”

  5. Control who sees your information
  6. Use your privacy settings to control who gets to see your wishes, hopes, goals and experiences. Your privacy settings are set to “private” as the default setting- this means that only people whom you have invited and from whom you have accepted an invitation can view your profile page in full- please note however that only you can see “My Secret Stuff”

    To change your setting to “public” you need to change the default Privacy setting- even then your “My Secret Stuff” will remain invisible to everyone else

    To reset your Privacy Settings, go to “My Profile”

  7. Removing a contact/ friend
  8. You can remove a connection to a friend that you are no longer comfortable sharing with.

    To remove a friend/ contact, simply go to your Friend list and click the “Delete icon” 

  9. Blocking a contact/ friend
  10. When you block someone, it breaks all ties you have with them (friendship connections, friend details etc.). The two of you will no longer be able to see each other's profiles.

    To block a friend/ contact, simply delete your friendship connection as above

  11. Report abusive or offensive content
  12. Tell us about any content that violates our Data Use Policy

    To report a friend/ contact or any other item which you may consider offensive, please click the Report Abuse tab on the relevant page

    Reports are confidential. People you report won’t know that they’ve been reported. After you submit a report, we’ll investigate the issue and determine whether or not the content should be removed based on our Data use Policy We research each report to decide the appropriate course of action.

    We may consider that the item is not abusive or offensive, or we may agree with your assertion. We reserve the right to make our own decision and we will not correspond with you on the matter unless we feel a need to do so