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Stuff to buy/ to have

Have you ever thought of something it would be lovely to receive as a gift for a birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion... but you'd prefer not to ask? So guess what - you don’t ask! And then you receive socks! But the thing you REALLY want might be anything from a piano lesson, concert tickets, a pair of shoes, shaver, iPad, sunglasses, the right perfume, cufflinks, weekend break, anything at all.

Is it also sometimes hard to find the perfect thing for a friend or someone close to you? Wouldn't it be great if you could read their mind? So why not let your friends read your mind. Just jot down the stuff you’d really like to get- maybe things you might buy for yourself, but maybe also you never quite get round to getting them

You can share your lists of stuff with those close to you- and if you’ve not yet got yourself the stuff on your list, guess what, someone might just get them for you on any of those special occasions...

  • Satchel
  • TV

Stuff I want to do, try, learn (bucket list)

What would you love to do, try, learn, experience? It might be something as simple as learning to ride a bike, watching a sunset or sending a message in a bottle; or as special as watching a major sporting event, learning to sky dive, swimming with dolphins; or as difficult as running a marathon, learning to speak another language, performing at Madison Square Garden, or finding hidden treasure.

We’ll give you over TEN THOUSAND ideas/ suggestions for starters- just tick the ones you’d love to try and they’ll be automatically added to your very own list. Share your “to do/ try (bucket) list" with friends- you never know, you might share the same goals and want to try them together.

You can also “like” and “add” things from your friends’ bucket lists too. And you can be inspired by others

There is so much more... Just add as many as you wish to your bucket list of stuff to do/ try.

What would you love to do?

  • Drive a sports car
  • Surfing

Places to go

Wow! This could be almost anywhere...Where is personal or special to you?

It might be something locally- a restaurant, a park, a lake, or a little further afield- maybe a visit to see family/friends, trip to the theatre, a day-out/picnic...

Perhaps something a little longer — how about a weekend break in Rome, Bath, New York, Paris, London, Barcelona, Miami?....

Or even a trip of a lifetime in Bali, Vegas, Goa, Maldives, Great Wall of China, Amazon, Disney, The Great Barrier Reef, Yosemite National Park, The Blue Lagoon in Comino, Bora Bora or the Fjords.

Again, we’ll give you over TEN THOUSAND suggestions to get your mind racing, and you can “like” and “add” places from your friends’ lists too. And you can be inspired by others around the world

Where in the world would you go?

  • Mount Rushmore
  • Safari

Zapping Stuff

When you’re out shopping, or just with friends, you see a pair of jeans that are just right for you- but you don’t get them there and then. Instead, you simply scan the bar code (using your ZigAZig App on your mobile or tablet), and with one click you transfer a photo and product description to your "Stuff to buy" list. If we cannot find the data from the barcode, just take a pic and type the description and again with one click we'll add it you your "stuff to buy". No more having to worry about "where did I see those jeans"- they are in your "stuff to buy"

And if you're passing a place you'd love to visit, or see something you'd love to do one day - again just take a pic, type the place or activity, and with one click add it to your "places to go" or "stuff to do"

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My Secret Stuff

You can use “My Secret Stuff” in any way you wish- here are just a few examples

- it might be that you want to arrange a surprise event for someone

- or you may have seen an item in a friend’s ZigAZig profile that you’d like to buy, but you’ve not yet reserved it

- or you see something online that you feel a friend would love,and want to hold it as a reminder

- or it can be as simple as reminding yourself to book a hair appointment, and as complex as a list of stuff to do before you go on holiday- it’s entirely up to you.

And because it is personal to you, no-one else will ever get to see your "Secret Stuff".