Bloggers - Working with ZigAZig

Bloggers can share in ZigAZig’s affiliate scheme monetisation, by posting rich and unique content. This can simply take the form of "Stuff", but is best done in conjunction with a blogger’s blog post in ZigAZig.

We will share with you 25% of any revenues we receive from our Merchants via Viglink and Amazon


Not only do we provide a link through to the merchant/retailer or brand, but we will also display to users up to 5 other merchants/retailers who may provide the item – so we increase over five-fold the chance of consumers acting on your "stuff".

We do this by undertaking a Google search within ZigAZig, so users never need to leave the site in order to discover where to buy the product/service, etc. using our "Show Me" buttons, located throughout ZigAZig.

Related stuff screen

Retailer page

We search up to 5 pages of Google, to find relevant links (in the vast majority of cases right through to the product direct), so users are able to make an informed choice from an array of trusted Merchants.

We don’t use those rather annoying hyperlinks which scrape your blog text and throw up weak links to stuff that is not awfully relevant and detract from your core message - so you are in control and decide what it is that you want readers/followers to focus on.


How do we monetize your content?

Your Blog content is monetiseable via VigLink click-affiliation, but only for content created by YOU in ZigAZig (ie not copied to your "stuff" from any other part of ZigAZig using our "Add to my stuff" button).

We'll share with you 50% of any revenues generated to us via VigLink for content created by YOU in the circumstances set out below

  1. "Stuff" linked to and visible in YOUR blog, known as "related stuff". This is viewable by anyone
  2. "Stuff" contained in the YOUR "Stuff" pages ("Stuff to have" , "Stuff to do etc" , "Places to go" and "Zaps"). This is also viewable by anyone
  3. "Stuff" visible to YOUR followers, viewable by them in their "My Friend Activity" pages
  4. YOUR "Recent Stuff" displayed solely in the YOUR blog summary page. This is also viewable by anyone

What is NOT monetiseable

"Stuff" not created by YOU

"Stuff" created initially by YOU and then subsequently shared with other users, and in turn later viewed in other user "stuff" pages. Similarly, "stuff" in ZigAZig "What’s Hot" and "Recently Added" pages is not monetiseable by you.

For full details, please visit our "Term & Conditions for Bloggers".